New To Big Wonderful World of Forex (Coming Over From Stock Day and Swing Trading)

Hello all.

So I’ve always been into investing. Starting when I got out of college by taking extra money I found and parking it in buy and hold stocks for future retirement gains. But as I got more into the market and liked watching the daily moves and action, I started to get into swing and day trading. I have been learning and practicing day trading and then one day during an online class about financial markets, the section about investing in currencies, I was like “Hmm, this currency trading seems interesting”.

Low and behold I started to do some research and came upon this site. After reading the initial welcome section about Forex, I was really intrigued. I had been following day trading and stocks for a couple years now, but Forex blew away all my pre-conceived notions about why stocks are better (including not always finding a needle in a hay stack when it comes to stocks).

So I’m looking forward to taking what I’ve learned through years of practicing day trading, and going through the Pips School and learning more about Forex.