New to forex trading, I cannot find a forex trading platform with good reviews - help

Hi All

I am new to forex trading. I have been using a demo account for the last 6 months to understand the basics plus reading forex books and studying charts. I am hoping to do forex day trading (and maybe scalping one day) using spread betting platforms. Not sure if CFDs are a better option as i have no substantial income right now.

I want to start trading with real money (small amounts) and I need to choose a reliable forex spread betting platform.

I have spend days reading reviews of forex platforms and I am really confused. The reviews of most forex platforms by some users imply that some platforms do not give you your money back or interfere with trade orders to minimise your winnings or there are serious issues with slippage and re quotes etc.

Could you please let me know which platforms you are using for forex spread betting that you are happy with?

Thank you in advance for your help!


I use Oanda, MT4 and Java on my tablet. execution is great so far, but I hear it can slow down on re quotes and speedy fills when your account is over $700…

Havent gotten there yet. Hear withdrawls are fast. Oanda does have wide spread with slippage at times, like news of course. Never trade any NZD pairs, it can widen to 130 pips at ANY time.

thank you very much for your reply. I opened a demo account with them!

I am trade on FXopen, and also have account in Instaforex, spread fee on instaforex is three pips on major pair, and cross pair usually around seven pips, and I am prefrer trade on pair that has low spread like as eurusd, and sometime eurpjy, but sometime choose cross pair like gpjpy, this pair also has high average movement but spread fee also higher.

Just find a broker that is reputable and regulated. You can find them here with all sorts of filters. And as for reviews - there always will be some who are satisfied and some who aren’t with any particular broker. So don’t worry about reviews.