New to forex trading

I have decided to learn how to forex trade to be financially stable and be financially free from debts etc.


Be very much aware that FX trading is speculative and there’s never, ever, any guarantee you’ll make money. Most newbies lose their capital instead, so the odds are against you from day one.

You can mitigate that by learning through this Education site.
best of luck.

Welcome to the community. You can start your study from education section of this website. After finishing it, read different recommended books on trading. Learning never ends.

Hello, trading forex is one of the riskiest business in the world. That’s why one needs to have enough skills and experience to bypass the risk and make money.

You can start learning here

Then here

In that case, before you start live trading, make sure that you avoid using leverage as much as possible to further avoid any debt. It’s very risky so till the time you’re sure about the strategy, use low leverage.