New to Forex Trading

Good day people. My name is Mirza Selver, Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. I am new to this format and would like to learn as much as I can about Forex trading and the cryptocurrency world.

cryptocurrency is the best future , so we the traders who are interested about trading have to make sure the real knowledge about crypto.

can you please make sure how long experience you have about Forex trading and crypto ? whcih is really great as a trading career.

The Bahamas! :blush: One of my dream destinations. :pray: Haha. :smiley: Welcome welcome! Have you checked out the school here? :smiley: It could really help you out with the basics. :blush:

Hellooo! :blush: By any chance, do you intend to ask which one between forex and crypto would give a better trading career? :smiley: Might help others respond also. :blush: