New to the BabyPips, 9 Months experience looking for trading buddy

I’ve been trading since last February and I’ve learned a lot, I started by paying a friend of mine $400 for a bullshit course, just what I needed to start my journey! I took his classes for a month (1 on 1 for 1hour a day 5 days a week) and since then, I’ve been on my own with my trading, I feel like I’ve came a long way but the boredom is almost killing me! I’m here to find my ideal trading buddy, I trade the euro, yen, pound, and gold. Shoot me a pm and lets get to trading!

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Hi @Bukain! :smiley: Haha. I doubt I could meet with you since we’re probably super far from each other, but welcome to the BabyPips communityyyy! :blush: I also trade the euro and pound (and yen every now and then :stuck_out_tongue: ) so maybe we could share our trade ideas here? :smiley: Haha. Personally, I think it would be more interesting for other members to also have the chance to chime in.

It would be cool to have some online web sessions with other traders around the world. I’m with that. I’m on the charts every single day doing analysis on pairs. It’s a great way to learn

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Definitely! [Removed due to forum policy violation] @justshell

just downloaded it, I normally use like Skype, webex, or some other video conference app. But discord is cool!

Are we able to share screens and video chat? or is it mainly texting

Skype is the better option, the mac im using is equivalent to a Ti-82 and cant open up certain apps(including discord)

Okay, so Skype it is lol I’ll send you my skype name. Anybody else can just drop their names on here too, there needs to be a group of us

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My mac is too old to run skype, or damn near anything else, so ill have to use my phone (when i get it back, my weekends be lit but my parents dont think so, im 17) sorry for the delay my dude

It’s cool, I’m in no rush since I’m curently at my 9to5 right now. I normally do my analysis at nights during the weekdays, and I’m available whenever on weekends. I stopped going out as much on weekends because I want to focus as much time as I can on learning forex. It’s true that the more you’re on the charts, the more things start to click lol,but just send me a request whenever you get you’re phone back :+1:t5:

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Are you a day trader? What is your time zone?

@champ I initially started trading on 1H but shifted to m15 after a month break I took from trading (felt emotionally connected to the charts and that conflicted w/ my trading) Im NAE but i usually trade from 10AM-2PM and 8PM-12PM

Do you guys have a group chat on Skype? I don’t have a camera or mic.
I have been studying forex for 1 year I swing trade all the major pairs on a 6h timeframe, Im mountain time.

Hi guys, i’m wondering if this is steel on , Any way I’m from morocco and i trade NZDJPY/ GBPJPY/ GBPUSD / EURJPY offten i prefer to not use indicator i use only support and resistance and i trade with the trend… , my first course was here at baby pips that i’m so grateful, So if any one interested we can help each other