New to the forum

In order to make profits in the market, you have to be apt with your strategies and skills without any compromise.

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Hi fellow forum members.

I am new here and to forex and looking forward to putting some hard work into learning a new skillset and conversing with like minded people

I live in Sutton Coldfield and unfortunately am a Birmingham City supporter


Hello Dave, welcome to the Babypips forum!


Thank you :+1:t2:

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Hello guys,

I am new here and to forex trading. I’m interested to learn this market for future plans of diversion and if I really can catch up on this forex, I might soon commit to do full time.

I am an Insurance Agent by profession from Phillippines. I’ll do my best to learn fast because its not in my skill range.


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Hi I Am New As Well I Like To Shadow As Well With you And Anybody you Meet as a Excellent Mentor Can you Introduce Me to Them As Well

Hi What is Your Experience Level in Trading

I recommend, if you are newbies to trading, to check the education section here on Babypips, there is a lot of good information there.

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I Appreciate This Info.

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You’re welcome.I, personally, found it very useful.

Hello new to forex trading… looking forward to learning alot

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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Hello Everyone I’m Linda and new to trading in general. Trying to learn about trading and was pointed to this site. :blush: I started investing in crypto as a way to off set the amount of money it was taking to care for my mom. So now I want to learn it all.:slight_smile: Looking forward to learning everything!

Hey guys hope all is blessed I’m Markus I am somewhat new to Forex already spent a couple of hours on Youtube, I have an MT4 demo acct to test strategies and my own grasp of the education and I love to investgate and solve puzzles. So here I am wondering what more can I learn

Hi All,

David from Brisbane Australia here. Want to learn how to make better informed, strategic winning trades than I have been lol. I will get there one day! Nice to meet y’all.


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Hello David! Welcome to the forum! I recommend checking the education section in Babypips to learn more about that.

Nice to meet you David. I am based in Melbourne, Australia

Hi my name is Henry. I am a total newbie. I am here to learn about Forex Trading. I look forward to meeting as many like-minded Forex Traders in training as much as possible. Would also love to have a mentor or a sage that I can shadow over to learn all about foreign exchange Market. I hear so many great things (and some challenges that come with it) and again would love to master this awesome skill and who knows what great things may come of it!
Thank you

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Hello Henry, welcome to the Babypips forum! Check out the Education section, there’s plenty to learn there!

Hi my name is Marcques Im new to the group and forex looking to learn and soak up as much knowledge as I can. Im jumping into Forex to gain some extra income, I have a baby boy on the way!!