New to the game! How's everyone doing?

Hello! I’m Nick. Been interested in trading since I went to my first Investment Foundations course as a high schooler and I decided to finally start taking studying it seriously. Currently working as a financial analyst for an investment firm and I’d like to pick Forex up as a side-project.

I also enjoy long distance running (a.k.a. jogging at turtle pace while delivering my Oscar-worthy plea for water), babysitting tipsy people at events I bartend, and annoying my neighbors with my excellent guitar skills!

Looking forward to the journey, good luck to everyone out there who is getting going as well!

Welcome to babypips Nick!

There are a lot of useful suggestions and ideas to pick up from other fellow traders /new and experienced traders alike/. Hope that will help you in your trading it certainly did for me!

Hello Nick, welcome to our forex forum community! Nice set of hobbies you’ve got there, especially the babysitting tipsy people part haha. Just keep on learning and I’m sure you will do really well. Best of luck to ya!