New to the game

Hey Peeps,

0npoint26 is my name Im from London, Im a father of two.

Im here to build my knowledge of forex to become a consistent profitable trader after trying some years ago and failing, after that experience I pretty much gave forex the middle finger and hadn’t looked back until a few months ago I came across a youtube video about smart money/wyckoff and was intrigued by what I was watching, as I had never seen or heard anything like this all them years ago. So Ive been trying to gain as much knowledge as possible from watching videos and reading books etc but Im now looking to take my learning further if possible, which has lead me here :slight_smile:

Im here to forge a better lifestyle for myself and family and simply turn my life around, to be able to lay foundations down for my kids, to fund some of the business Ideas I have, to be able to be in a position to help if any of my friends and family need it.

This time something feels different!.