New trader, choose wisely broker before you begin trading

is oando a good broker for beginners ?

In my opinion, new traders don’t use this broker or else trading will become history

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yes; very good - especially for beginners (who typically may not quite appreciate the huge importance of using a completely honest, well-regulated, ethical brokerage with decades of experience and a range of good trading platforms, and probably won’t even begin to appreciate how very few really fall into that category)

we disagree radically, then (that often happens in forums!) :wink:

my thoughts are here -

also here, here, here, and so on

oando is not a good broker for Beginners. i would not recommend it

Bother to explain why? I have used Oanda and am satisfied with them. They’re better than FXCM to my opinion.

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I have not started trading with any broker yet but would like a few recommendations other than Oanda and FXCM. Any reliable brokers?

FXCM is a pretty decent broker to trade with tight spreads. But if you are looking for other brokers, I can recommend FP Markets; they have ASIC regulation and have been in the business for over 15 years.

They have over 10,000 different instruments to trade with global stocks and commodities, and the customer service is also quick in responding to client queries.

just about every proper, respectable regulator in the world says exactly the opposite

that’s why FXCM has the world’s worst regulatory record (multiple millions in fines, very repeatedly, for issues related directly to dishonesty with their customers) of any broker still in existence - though in some parts of the world FXCM now isn’t in existence because they’ve finally been kicked out

this page also tells a story: it’s what just the NFA listed about FXCM (it only goes up to 2017, of course, when FXCM were finally kicked out of the US) - but many other regulators have said similar things and taken some similar actions, too!

“they” might have ASIC regulation, but what matters is whether your account (if you open one with them) is ASIC regulated - that’s the important, relevant point that people so often misunderstand

this thread may help people who are willing to reading it carefully enough:

Why? But also I noticed you typed Oando multiple times maybe that’s different from Oanda :sweat_smile:

i’m surprised you hadn’t started on 31st July, Lisa, when one month after that (i.e. earlier today) you were eagerly recommending a broker with whom you had, you say, more than 3 months’ very successful experience

it’s a brokerage well known (over many years) for paying people for favourable mentions in forums, of course, but even so that’s rather a striking discrepancy, isn’t it? :open_mouth: