New Year's Forex Trading Resolution thread - what's yours?

I was amazed not to see this considering the holiday just passed.

Did I miss it?

Anyway, my resolution is to watch a little less football and replace that time with reading. And of course more exercise, because you can’t ever do too much of that. Maybe some more green foods in my life wouldn’t hurt either.


No love, so I changed the title. Maybe that will get some takers.

Basic motive for this year is just focus on Forex Trading journey as well as do some other activities. For how to make it more profitable as well as enjoyable!!!

Always good to strive for profitability! How are you getting there? That’s the question!

I think for most people that’s just hard work and more hard work.

The coming up with a resolution or the sticking to it part?

The becoming profitable part. :smiley:

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This year, my resolution would be to finally go live. :blush: Haha. Simple as that. :smiley: I know this might sound super shallow for others but I think this would be an important achievement for me. :blush:

Here’s to accomplishing our goals this 2020! :smiley:

Oh good one. I think that’s a huge step actually. Different dynamic when you’re trading real money. Keep us posted!

It’s not shallow at all! I think it’s a very important step. I wish you all the success! :+1:

I forgot to ask. Will you trades solely on the live account? Or two accounts now?

Thank you so muuuuuch @mlawson71. :blush: Supportive as always! :blush:

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Hmm. :thinking: That’s a good question. :open_mouth: But I guess it’s common for traders now to have more than one accounts? :open_mouth: What do you think about that? :thinking:

Better late than never but mine would be to keep up with economic news! That’s one thing I don’t quite understand and therefore just ignore lmao so I need to do a better job trying to understand it this year.

There’s a thread for that.