New York 5pm close question

I’m sure this is a simple question for you however I am having some trouble understanding my brokers time setting on MT4. It is set to GMT+3 and explains this is because of the NY 5pm close. Source:

However, I thought that NYC was GMT-(minus!)4. Countries which use GMT+3 are Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya.

Could someone explain why my broker is using GMT+3?

Thank you!

I believe your broker is saying that MIDNIGHT in the GMT+3 time zone is the beginning of a new “forex trading day”.

Midnight (GMT+3) is 5pm New York time (which is GMT-4).

Probably, thats where their server is located. Think Cyprus or Malta.

Actually, think Castle Dracula, deep in the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania. — Post.

Genius. Thank you Clint.
Great avatar choice too!