Hello, very glad I found this site. I live in the Vancouver WA area so if anyone else is from that area, I would love to meet up and chop it about Forex!!

I am a newbie. I just ran across (and joined) this forum today and I am quite happy to find this ability to discuss forex trading. I have been trading forex since 2008 solely using EA’s, and am currently trading in 2 accounts with decent results, one at FXCM and one at I live in North Carolina, USA.

I have an account with FXCM right now, which do you like better, or are the difference negligible?

Right now FXCM has better spreads than, but they charge an in and out commission that kind of negates the smaller spreads. The smaller spreads help my EA close out a series of trades a little quicker, which is a good thing. The EA I use trades only the AUD/CAD pair, so that’s the only one I pay attention to most of the time. I haven’t requested any withdrawals or anything to gauge how that works, or had any dealings with customer service. FXCM does offer a free VPS if your account balance stays above $5k, which is a Windows based MT4 just like you may run on your home PC. I am using that and like it fine. also offers a free VPS, but it is setup differently than FXCM and I personally prefer the FXCM version. I am paying for a VPS service that costs me only $8 per month and I was running an MT4 for both of my forex accounts on it until just last week. My FXCM account has grown above the $5k level, so I decided to switch to the free VPS service they offer and got it setup and running last Friday. I was using it several years ago when I first started in forex trading, but suffered losses that caused my balance to go below $5k and had to drop it and buy the $8 service because it was cheaper than their VPS fees. Since I started using the EA I referenced above I have made back some of my previous losses.

Welcome to the forum, Jreitzel and Chartzard! :slight_smile:

If you ever have questions about your FXCM accounts, please feel free to ask me in the Broker Aid Station.