[NEWBIE ALERT] Howd-e Yall

What going on my friend & fellow trader,

Hope all is well were your are today :).

My name is thevrichardson.

I joined the baby pips community a few days back but
never did get a chance to introduce myself to you.

I just wanted to say that I look forward to exploring this site,
gaining knowledge of the industry from it’s content and other
inspiring “Warren Buffet’s” such as yourself ;).

[B]But more importantly…[/B]

as my knowledge, trading experience & results in the
Forex Market grows…

[B]I look forward to giving back and sharing it with you! :5:[/B]

So to wrap this introduction up before I rant for too long…

Thanks for reading & welcoming me to this
forum with open arms.

I look forward to learning alongside you going forward.

Take care for now!


  • thevrichadrson OUT


Welcome. Right out the gate, slow process, unless your brain anticipates.
Try a 5 period moving average on any time frame chart (I use 1 hour), and watch economic data releases on forex factory, as these reports influence the trader sentiment as to where price will travel.

Na zdrowie.


Thanks for the welcome and the insight.

I be sure to take it into consideration.

Take good care :slight_smile:

  • thevrichardson OUT