Newbie all around

Hey all, I’m new to the forum and to the world of forex. My name is Blake… obviously lol… I recently joined wealth generators for the trade alert program and it’s going well so far. I’m still very clueless on reading and predicting charts. I hope to meet some ppl on here who can help me Learn as much as possible. Also I am looking for a reputable 1 on 1 private tutor and signals provider, if you are or know one shoot me a pm with info, please and thank you. I have found a ton offering these services on instagram but for the price they’re asking I’d like to find someone with a name for themselves. Anyways I’m not afraid to learn, meet new people and do what I gotta do to become an expert. I’ll be making my way around the forum any begginer threads that I should focus on? thanks again!

Let me welcome you to the site from one noobie to another. Forget the learner threads for now and focus on the school of pipsology. I’m making my way through it at the moment and although I know quite a lot of what I’ve covered so far, I’m still learning new stuff too and engraving the info in my mind. Why follow someone else when you can trade yourself and charge others to follow you on instagram hahahaha

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Thank you for the tip! And yes I plan to be that person one day haha but while I learn I’d like to make some money at the same time. So following experts until I’m the expert seems to be the way to go lol.

Thank you! I will