Newbie from Manchester UK

Hello all, I’m from Manchester UK (the red half for any football fans :smiley:)

I’ve been interested in forex for a while but only started looking into trading seriously over the last couple of months.

Just completed the IG academy app, and now working through the school of Pipsology (about 25% done so far).

Look forward to graduating and starting trading for real! This place seems a really good resource :sunglasses:


Welcome :slight_smile:

Well first off I shouldn’t even be typing this, the terminology I should be using is not only derogatory but would probably earn me a ban off the forum, anyway football rivalry out of the way.
Welcome mate, learn to earn that’s my advice.

What makes it interesting to you?

I think because it’s quite easily accessible nowadays via web, phone / tablet apps. Also the idea that you can trade demo accounts to practice :grinning:

Hi and welcome, shame we can’t teach you how to support a decent football team :slight_smile:


Hi MrSingh84. I am from Manchester and I am a newbie trader. This is my fourth time around on Forex since 1988. If you Google “trading groups in Manchester” you will find Manchester Traders - Before lockdown I went to two of their get together events and found them very useful. I am looking forward to the meetings again. Check it out.

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Thanks Mondeoman - I’ve found the group on Meetup and joined. :grinning:

Welcome to the community! Enjoy your stay and good luck in finishing the School!

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