Newbie from Sydney East

HI There… I am so happy to have joined this fantastic site…
I’m still in pre-school and working my way up to kindy!! Just wondering if there are any other newbies or experienced traders out there from Sydney East that is interested in perhaps starting up a support group?

Look forward to hearing from you soon

cheers Lucy

Welcome Lucy in this forex community.

I now live in Perth, but grew up in Sydney and get back there one or twice a year.

I can’t offer much help, though as I’ve only been at it 6 months or so

actually people from other places can also support you, do not limit the regions:)

welcome lucy to babypips, enjoy your stay and all the best :slight_smile:

Yeah i get it… there is a tremendous amout of support out there on the net and with sites like this one… everyone has their unique way of learning that serves them best… i just think that along with the great support such as this sites and from others like yourself, having face to face group meet ups (kinda like mastermind group) provides a great support network… nothing beats that live human interaction.
cheers mate… thank you so much for your feed back :21:

Hi Cyco… great to hear from you - 6 months is a fantastic achievement…I’m curious how you are finding it? and wonder if you have struggled a bit at the beginning and if after 6 months are you now finding it easier to understand FX? Especially in terms of the use of indicators and understanding the waves and swings etc etc…there is just so much information out there. I wonder also if you have started earning some mulah from FX? After all this why we are all here right.

Hi LucyAT,

I’m not in your area, but you can check out sites like (not sure what you have in your area). I was able to find a local traders group in my area through that website. If you don’t have one, then you could also start one!

Hope that helps!

HI there Lucy,

in Scotland here so welcome Lass to the land of Forex take care be careful out there its nasty

Hi Lucy,

Newbie here too. Still just learning. I’m in melb. Can i suggest to check out everything there is to do with Inner circle trader. Or ICT. Find his thread at the top of the thread pagte and start watching his videos. Great teachings.


Thanks Hugh… great idea!!

Thanks for the warning Scratch… will be mindful to take care xo

I just want to add an endorsement for ICT, you need to get yourself over there asap. For a newbie, his teachings are
second to none.

I’m in Perth, too far away.
One important thing you need to get used to is knowing your time zone. In Perth we are GMT + 8, so it means I can catch
the New York open at 9pm my time. Unfortunately the London open happens around 3pm for me, and I’m still at work.

Sydney has the best time because you can catch London after work, and that is where the lion’s share of trading happens.

Good luck

I started with a demo account, gained about 200%/month for several months, so opened a real account.

Took a massive loss as my risk management was non-existent.

I have now reduced my lot size, reduced my risk massively, decreased my time in front of the brokers screen and am rebuilding my account at around 20%/month.

@piptronix. Where in Perth are you? How are you doing with trading?

Hey there Hugh… thanks for the suggestion of meetup… i joined last night so excited about that.

cheers and havea great day!!

Hey Cyco… thanks for sharing your experience… WOW you would have thought that after several months of playing around with a demo account and getting good results that you should have got similar results on a live account… Great that you identify the area of fault was in the risk management and here’s to you for not giving up!! That says heaps about your charactor!! You will probably fall in the 5% that is successful with trading!!
Wishing you all the best with FX - Cheers Lucy :59:

In the “Hillls”, and you?
My trading is going a bit slowly at the moment.
I went live about six months ago and lost about 40%, but its small change.
I trade maximum 10c per pip, that way I get to learn and not get wiped out.
I’ve changed strategies completely now, I got hooked onto ICT about a month ago , and I’ll never look back.
The last few weeks have been profitable, but I’m not trying to get my account back up, just aiming for consistency.

Where are you at?

what is ICT - can you send me this link… someone said it was in this thread but i couldnt see it

Hi Lucy and others,

It’s nice to see this thread. I just joined babypips today; the site and community look amazing. I hope we will all have fun learning and making money. :slight_smile:

Aloha Hugh, nice to see someone from the island.

Happy trading, everyone!