Newbie here... hey ya'll

My name is Arlene. I am new to Forex Trading and the trading world altogether. I want to begin learning how to trade so I can make an income and not be part of the 9-5 system, but rather have the freedom to work whenever/wherever I want. My goal is to make $100 daily and then increase that goal little by little. I find that feasible.

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You can practice on a demo account.

Hi Arlene! Sounds like you have realistic goals and that you aren’t approaching this as a get rich scheme, but a way to make sustainable income. My best advice is to practice on demo until you’re consistently profitable and not to quit any job until you’re sure that you can bring in enough money to live off of. Having some in savings can help in case you have a bad trading week. I’m wishing you luck! :four_leaf_clover:

Total rubbish.

demo is good but honestly speaking the result we get from demo actually not works when trading in a real account.