Newbie here looking for a life change

Hello everyone!

My name is Lemur, not my real name obviously, but I feel comfortable using it. Anyways, I am here because a friend from the gym had recommended this website. I graduated from college in the fall of 2018 and have not found what I wanted in a career. I’ve gone from one horrible job to the next for little pay. Just yesterday, I quit a job where I worked 60hrs a week for $820USD/week. I was making about $13USD/hour even though I was salary and working about 20 hours in over time. I was so tired all the time from starting my shift at 2am till late in the afternoon. I had enough! I couldn’t do it anymore. I figured I would try this since my friend seems to live a carefree life and he makes his own schedule. Plus, I’ve met quite a few other people that do this and have quit their jobs for it.