Newbie here: Starting to learn FOREX trading. Willing to learn and learn and learn


My name is Bruce. I live in the central Texas area. Been a firefighter for 29 years. Retiring at the end of the year. A fellow firefighter is showing me how to began with FOREX. Do not want to work as hard as I have done as a firefighter. I will be asking alot of questions so please bare with me. I have done some penny stocks in the past but no serious trading on the stock markets.

Greetings Bruce and welcome to the community! Congrats on your upcoming retirement, and into your new journey into Forex trading :slight_smile: Although you won’t be be putting out blazes and saving lives, forex trading is a lot of work, especially in the beginning as you figure out the processes and methods that works for you. Trading is a skill, and like any other skill, it takes time to develop and gain competency–be patient and focus on the process. Good luck and hope to hear more from you down the road!

Pipcrawler, please teach me how to trade .