Newbie here, want to learn how to be consistently profitable in FX trading

Newbie here, just started learning Forex, any recommendations on my journey? And any Forex groups I can join to learn from experienced traders?

Hi :slight_smile: first you should finish the education section :slight_smile: Regards Greg

If you are new in this market, you should practice first in a demo account. You can learn all the basics of forex from the educational section of babypips.

Am on it, almost halfway, thanks prof

Thank bro, am on it, almost halfway.

Welcome welcooome! :blush: It looks like you’re already reading the school so that’s definitely a great start. Hmm. :thinking: As for trading groups, maybe you can tell us what you’re interested in? Like maybe, trend strength? or a particular system? :blush: They’re not necessarily ‘groups,’ but there are different threads here which often have constant participants that talk and help out each other. :smiley: Haha.

Hi, I wanted to learn price action but I don’t know where to start