Newbie in da house

Hi, my name is Ben. Started trading stocks recently and I wanted to expend to Forex. Happy to learn and practice as I would like to live on trading one day.

Happy trades!


Hi :slight_smile: start from the education section, and good luck :slight_smile:

Hi Ben! What has made you want to expand into forex from stocks? Curiosity or something else?

Welcome to BabyPips, Ben. Same question as @cashisking86. What made you decide to try out forex too?

Welcome to the house. Remember one thing, Forex is a risky market. So, always be careful when you are going to trade in this market.

Hellooo Ben. :blush: At least you have some background in another financial market. :smiley: How long have you been trading stocks? :smiley: Anyway, good luuuck! :slight_smile:

Sure thing,
My plan is to learn all I can and then practice practice practice

Hi! Started as curiosity but I like that there is less to follow and you can really concentrate on a few variables only.

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I agree with that. While hardly simple I find forex “cleaner” than trading stocks. Are you thinking about commodities and any indices as well?

Havent looked into that yet. For now I plan to focus on Forex. Keep doing a little bit of swing trading on my stocks and see where it all goes

Hi, my name is Neecy. I am very new to this and looking forward to learn more and practice.