Newbie in Forex

Hi…My name Hans

I’m new in this fields of financial …let me learn a lot on how to made a good profit on market…thanks for the attentions

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Hi Hans,

Even I am new to this forum but not for forex. As first convo I advice you to start through the babypips “Education” section. You will get this after scrolling the page to top!

Wrong mindset, Hans. Learn first and foremost, which is NOT a fast track to experience and immediate good profit. It could take you months of hard work just to peep over the balcony, and years to become consistently profitable. That’s the reality, not social media marketing hype which is mostly fantasy land.
Sorry to break your bubble, but enjoy your time here having fun instead.

Let me be real with you. Unless you have access to the information market makers and brokers use, you are not going to make a profit from trading forex in the long term.

You will have winning streaks that will encourage you, but they are soon followed by losses that will take away your profit multiple times.

My first trade in forex was in 2009. I have seen things.

If you decide to proceed with forex trading, I will advise you 2 things

  1. Never borrow money to trade because you will loose the money and your friendship (Seen it happen to a lot of people, but not me)

  2. Only trade with money you can loose and not face a life-changing situation no matter how small the money is.

Hello, welcome to babypips! learn fundamentals of trading with tutorials, guides and articles. Knowledge will give you an edge over your opponents in the trading world! All the best

Welcome to the community, Hans. Start by gaining foundational knowledge at the education section here. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

We are glad you have joined the community. A deep knowledge of the forex market is essential to master forex trading. Technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and trading psychology are all important skills. Keep learning...