Newbie in London

Hi, guys. I am a London based student in Business Management and I’ve been reading quite a lot about Financial markets in the past couple of months. The Forex markets have got my attention and I would like to dedicate more time in this matter and dive into the deep water. So I hope to find a forum with like minded individuals who share, support and inspire each other and as far as I saw Baby Pips platform has something to offer in terms of education, quizzes and much more.
Today I spent a few hours in searching for a good book with more specific information in Forex strategies and techniques and I stopped on “Technical analysis of the financial markets by John Murphy”. I was wondering what would be your recommendation for a Forex newbie in terms of reading resources?
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you!


Technical analysis of the financial by john murphy is a good.
I read it 15 years ago.
You can learn about original japanese candle stick. The author from japan but i forget his name and the title of book. This is the best one.

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yes , agreed. john murphy is highly recommend for that always.

what you think guys which analysis is more appropriate for the traders who are particularly beginners?

Is it the Japanese Candlestick by Steve Nison?

There’s an app for that… I mean post! Check it out. Nice list and other recommendations from members.

Welcome to babypips @Achkata! Good luck on your trading journey. :blush:

No…stave nilson met a woman in japan.
Then the woman said look thats the window!.
After that stave learn candle stock from her.
She wrote a candle stick pattern.