Newbie in Manila

Good day and hello,

I am a newbie forex trader from Manila Philippines. I am interested in learning this business. I got interested in trading when I was a child watching movies like Trading Places starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd, The Secret to My Success with Michael J. Fox, Quicksilver with Kevin Bacon, and of course the new movies now like The Big Short with Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, and Steve Carell.

I know that trading is a lot like the abovementioned movies, but of course Hollywood being Hollywood, it does not depict the hours of studying, coping with the stress, making good and bad trades but focuses on the event of success and failure.

I hope that by joining this forum, there will be people who would able to help me on this journey as in my part of the planet, trading especially forex is regarded as some kind of taboo. That I have had family members tell me its a waste of time if I did it. So basically I have no support from anyone but I hope to prove them wrong.

Well thanks for reading my intro and my little rant. Ciao and have a nice day!

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