Newbie In The Game

Hi , I’m new and I want to get rich😂. Any tips would be helpful.

If you’re prepared to gamble your money you might join the 10% of traders that succeed. Unfortunately 90% don’t. The odds are not in your favour.

I suggest you need to forget about getting rich and start learning how to trade properly. It would only take you a few years of damn hard work - and until you accept that reality, it is unlikely you’ll have the right mindset to succeed.

But give this education site a tryout - it’s free - and see how it goes, and whether it suits your lifestyle.
Best of luck.

Definitely recommend the education section

Oooop. :eyes: :open_mouth: I feel like we all wanna get rich, but I guess it’s best to know that forex isn’t really the key to that. :open_mouth: It takes a long time to become a profitable trader, and even more time to become consistent with big profits. :confused:

Greed is the most dangerous thing in forex trading. You can lose all your investment because of your greedy nature.

Put ideas of getting rich to the back of your mind. Most of trading forex is trying not to lose :joy: