Newbie in the house!

My first time in Forex!
Looking forward to a rewarding profitable trading Career!


welcome to this forum , you have chosen a right place as a new fx trader , just try to start by learning first of all and keep a mentality that you have to pass a long time in there with great patience.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

have a good journey Mate , its a very good forum agree with peter , because psychology of school is really more informative and education for beginners.

have a good journey , i always prefer to suggest baby pips school for newcomer traders , it really sounds good.

Welcome Samuel! Good luck on your new journey and I hope you’re enjoying the free resources here. See you around!

for your new journey good luck, just one request never rush when learning in practical , always try to remain cool wherever is going.

sounds not good when no answer after so many reply , i think beginners should response when someone reply on his topic.

Hey! Myself moritz. This is first post up here.

Hello and welcome, Moritz! Are you also new to forex trading?

I am new to this forum but trading for quite sometime now.

Welcome to the forum

Yay! I hope you will also share your trading experiences in this community. :slight_smile:

Hello @Exceed2020. Welcome to the community and good luck on your fx trading journey.

Hey, i am new here, so nice to meet you.

More newbies. Welcome. Lots to learn. Are you ready?

Thank you, yes i am ready to catch some pips too

That’s the spirit! Plenty of helpful members here ready to help. And check out the Education section if you haven’t already.