Newbie in the UK

Hi everybody,my name’s Chris.I’m forty eight years old and as the title suggests based in the UK.I have my own business involved in the packaging trade and I’m looking for something completely different that I can fully immerse myself in and possibly make a little extra into the bargain.I have zero experience of trading anything(apart from my soul to my soon to be ex wife)and am keen to learn something new and hopefully enjoy myself.
Thank you for having me.

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Welcome in mate ! - there are a few of us here from UK and I too started this game with a “Soon to be ex-wife” at almost exactly the age you are now.

You’ll probably find when things settle down for you that there are women all over the place wanting to replace her ! - My advice is - just enjoy yourself (my old mate used to say “Dip yer bread in - say Nowt and don’t buy a programme”) - nobody now to answer to except yourself.

This game is pretty hard work to get to understand - but the babypips school is a good starting point.

See you “on the boards” :sunglasses:

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Welcome aboard. If you seriously treat FX trading as a new business venture, that’s a good start. Count your inevitable losses as business expenses while you’re learning and getting under way. There is no short cut to success - it’s hard work.

that is really a fine line " there is no short cut way of success "

Well, tradings definitely totally immersive. Good luck to you! Any specific advice just ask.

generally the beginners level try to bring profit with no learning , as a result they fall a great trouble when trading in practical.

its very common issue and every beginners do this mistake even i did also when started trading as beginner.

the beginners always practice psychology of school with no demo account , this is not a productive work to bring good result by trading.

Thanks all for being so welcoming.I hope I can become a worthy contributor to this site.