Newbie Introduction

Hello. I am a babypips preschooler. I’m currently learning everything I can in the FX trading world. I currently trade stocks and crypto. I chose to try my hand at Forex because - quite honestly- I want to challenge myself. Most of my trader friends will raise their eyesbrows and shake their heads everytime Forex came up in our conversation. It was almost a forbidden topic. For a while, I simply took their words for it and never thought about even learning what Forex was really about. All I knew was that it was riskier than options, and for scammers.

Today, I joined babypips in a quest to unveil what Forex is really about. I want to find out for myself. I hope this platform will help understand it.

I would also like to ask this question: what are some of the best FX brokers do you recommend?

Happy Learning and Trading all


you have chosen the right place as for learning , i hope you will enjoy the environment , have a very good journey , happy trading.

its a most knowledgeable forum we have from all in online, i hope you will enjoy the environment with a great level of learning.

We need to develop our trading skills and become better Forex traders.

Hello @donpee_fx,

Welcome to the forex trading world. We hope you are enjoying your stay here on BabyPips.

Regarding your question about brokers, there are many brokers to choose from. We try to stay as unbiased as possible by not recommending specific brokers. This is best for the community. But here’s our guide for choosing a broker that may hopefully help you out.

Pipzilla :coffee:

Choose brokers which offer the lowest average execution speed. Later you will understand why. Most of profit opportunities concentrate on microstructure inefficiencies, i…e which require speed to grab. If your broker is slow you won’t be able to make money from it. Examples of brokers I use are Hotforex, Tickmill, IB.

what you think there is any difference between professional and successful trader ? i think its all about same

its a very good place for new forex trader , newcomers always try to bring profit with no learning , its a completely a wrong decision.