Newbie looking for a broker that accepts Belgian clients

Hi everyone,

I want to start with a demo account working my way into the real deal. Yet I’ve noticed majority of brokers don’t accept Belgian people due to regulations etc. Maybe you have might have some options?

My current way to go would be Pepperstone, but I wanted to see if there is more?


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you should ask same question in broker discussion , may be that will be a perfect place to make sure the answer you need.

because very few traders in there , its the main reason why by and large brokers dont accept Belgium clients.

There are not a few brokers who accept countries including Belgians, just that there are no broker representatives in that country.

You should try Forexchief broker. I am not sure if they have reps in your country, but your country is not in their blacklist. Its what I use, which might also work for you. Good luck.

Hey firstly welcome to the babypips community. As I can see you are looking for some broker that accepts Belgian clients, I think you can check out my broker,Turnkey forex. In my knowledge they don’t have any such restrictions on clients and conditions are also decent.

traders from Belgium is not that hard to find a broker. You can have a few reviews here In search of the Best Broker to start Forex trade