[newbie Question] please help me . what is a trend

dear babypips user

i just starting my forex trading journey
and i wanna ask about trend

could you please give me explanation what is trend, and how to analyze a trend?

Click on the “school” tab and start learning.

Hey, nice to meet you on babypips.
Trend is some stable price movement when majority of market players bet in the same direction. Trend is the opposite to volatilie movement when price swings low and high but without clear certain direction. Remember that the higher is timeframe the more are chances a trend will continue when you look at it in certain period of time.
Here you can learn how to carry out basic analysis of a trend Trend Line, A Basic Analysis - Broker Arena

I think that you have a lot more to learn and understand accept what the trend is, so just go and start with BabyPips school and educate your self, because if you really want to become a trader than education is the first step.

Yeah babypips is a good place for learning but it provides very basic information, some prime stuff traders was using long time ago. Market changes and better to find some up-to-date educational sources, like I mentioned above.

Is a pleasure to help you …

you find a box in front of you called computer …

Open you computer try to write google , then you write "trend "

Try other word too is amazing how it work , brain , thinking ,

To make it more difficult play with the word excample “what is trend analysis”

a general direction in which something is developing or changing.
“an upward trend in sales and profit margins”
synonyms: tendency, movement, drift, swing, shift, course, current, run, direction, inclination, leaning; More
a fashion.
“the latest trends in modern dance”
synonyms: fashion, vogue, style, mode, craze, mania, rage; More
a topic that is the subject of many posts on a social media website within a short period of time.
“for more than 20 days in a row, most of the top Twitter trends were Olympics-related”
change or develop in a general direction.
“unemployment has been trending upwards”
synonyms: move, go, tend, head, drift, gravitate, swing, shift, turn, incline, lean, veer
“interest rates are trending up in Japan”
(especially of a geographical feature) bend or turn away in a specified direction.
verb: trend; 3rd person present: trends; past tense: trended; past participle: trended; gerund or present participle: trending
“the Richelieu River trending southward to Lake Champlain”
(of a topic) be the subject of many posts on a social media website within a short period of time.
“I’ve just taken a quick look at what’s trending on Twitter right now”

Old English trendan ‘revolve, rotate’, of Germanic origin; compare with trundle. The verb sense ‘turn in a specified direction’ dates from the late 16th cent, and gave rise to the figurative use ‘develop in a general direction’ in the mid 19th century, a development paralleled in the noun.
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Thats freakin hilarious Torulf, I opened this thread just to see what you wrote, lol, figured it was going to be somewhere along the lines of what your response was. Not rippin ya, just entertainment value is at a high level, …



thx for your help guys. all of you are right. might be i better educate myself

pertama .saya tidak menggunakan komputer dekstop, tetapi pake laptop
kedua, tidak semua orang dapat menerima humor elo, bahkan beberapa bisa tersinggung
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google translate

Im not sure how to explain trends though i understand it, its kinda hard to pass it, its one of the first things that i focused on learning when i started trading hotforex, there are pretty good threads here regarding trends, and like what torulf said its sums it up, but i suggest you go through more ulistrated explanation through youtube, one or more videos would help, just dont rush it… price action is another thing you would help you a lot. stick to basics and best of luck