Newbie to Babypips

Hi Everyone,
My name is Jenn and my friend Justin recommended Babypips to me as a great way to start learning more about forex trading. I am from Guam but currently living here in Alaska. I am a recent college graduate and very interested in the finance industry. I hope to learn a lot about forex trading but most of all build the confidence I need to get the results I want. I look forward to the courses and the help of the community. Happy Trading everyone!

Welcome to the community, Jenn. Start with the education section here then as you go along, open a demo account to practice what you’re learning. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Thank you! I’m already enjoying the courses and can’t wait to hit the demo account!!

Welcome to community! You will find a lot of free trading resources here. Take your time learning and best of luck!

What are you looking in demo account before choosing one?
I mean what is in the check-list?