Newbie to be Schooled

Blank slate… Ready to be filled with forex knowledge. Scribble away… I’m here to learn

Greetings everyone


A good knowledge can make you a good trader in this market.

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You can visit the educational section

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That’s where I’m at for the moment… But they can only supply so many perspectives. Which are all most helpful and insightful. And bless their lives for all which they put in and provide.Yet, I’m here for yours too… So if you care to share, please do

Bless you


Welcome. Have you gone through its education section here?

Welcome. Education and studying is key in this business. Stay humble and keep your head down.

It is a good place to at least get the basics and intermediates covered.

Welcome to the community, @normaN_Smily. Good luck on your fx trading journey. Hope to hear more from you.

Think of what you are looking for, what is your reason for trying to trade in forex trading and lastly, what is your goal outcome after trading
When you are able to find your common goal, then you should be able to find out what you are looking for in trading.
Wishing you all the best!

Hi am Caleb still very new to trading and hope to get all the knowledge I need.
Let’s roll pple :love_you_gesture: