Newbie to Forex

Hello everyone,

I’m Stacey and am a complete newbie to Forex trading. I stumbled upon Forex while being “recruited” for an IM Academy presentation. There were too many red flags for me, but I was intrigued by the aspect of trading foreign currency and wanted to learn more. While searching I came across a bulletin board (reddit?) and someone mentioning learning through babypips - and so here I am.

With lockdowns back in place where I’m from (Bermuda) I figure it would give me a good incentive to learn a new trade/skill.

Look forward to learning and chatting along with you all.


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Welcome. This is a great learning site - and the courses are free.
best of luck.

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Hello and welcome Stacey. As a beginner best thing to do is follow School of Pipsology course. When you complete it you’ll have a really good theoretical knowledge. While doing that start demo trading too. keep trading for at least a few months to build up your confidence and then think of starting with real money.

While doing these find any and every PDF, YouTube video , website, blog article you can find and keep learning.

Good Luck!

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Thank you. Started School of Pipsology today.

Thank you for the advice Nick1864.
Are there any recommendations on which YouTube channels, websites or books I should check out first? I know YouTube can be pretty hit or miss, but just wanted to know who are your go-tos?

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Youtube channels - I’ve seen in few places members here recommended Channel “TastyTrade” and I’ve been looking at “Option Alpha” too. There’s another one “It’s Trading Time” and from Quora answers I found these four channels " Adam Khoo / Bob Booker Trading / UKspreadbetting / and Karen Foo" even though I haven’t check them yet, Planning on doing that. Is there any channel you found interesting other than these? Please let me know about it too

Websites - Babypips, Forex factory and Investopedia (If there’s more you found intereesting mention those too)

Books - Check this post

A member here started this and many contributed. You’ll find a ton of books here. I’m also using this as a guide and trying to find any books from here and read them.
(If you have any specific book/s you found helpful mention those too)

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The YouTube channel Trading Rush is a great resource too


Thank you! I will definitely check it out.

Wow! Thank you for this list of resources :blush:
I’ve just started the School of Pipsology, so I’m a new, Newbie starting at ground zero, so I don’t have any suggestions to offer yet. When I come across any, I’ll let you know.

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