Newbie to this world!

Hello everybody… My name is LaVar But On Here It’s NinoWorld… I’m from Odessa Tx and I was introduce to this from my brother… I love to make music and promotion… I have my own record label I’m building independently… I joined to learn about trading… I want to build a empire for my kids and family, be the 1st in my family to make something out there life and start a company for my kids invade something ever happens to me… I’m a great learner and willing and open to everybody who can help me learn… thanks for the opportunity and I hope I’m a great fit!!

Lets Goooooo!!!


Every newbie should make a good plan to make money from this market.

I think your current lifestyle is not suitable for learning how to be successful in FX trading unless you treat it seriously as in a new business venture. and that would mean many months, if not several years, to become experienced enough to make consistent profits.

There are no short cuts, so ignore social media marketing hype, most is fantasyland. The issue most newbies don’t understand is that FX trading is simple but not easy, and they will lose money on trades, as does every trader on the planet. There are no golden apples on trees in Forex Garden of Eden.

That’s the reality. If I was in your shoes I’d build my empire with your music business outlets and not get involved with a highly speculative, high risk, and no guarantees that you’ll ever become successfull.

However, enjoy your time while you’re here on this great Education site. Have fun playing on a demo account. Best of luck.

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Ooooh. :open_mouth: I feel like you’re living a very eventful life. :blush: Haha. You have a big and bold dream and although I know it will take years and years, and a lot of failures along the way, I hope you get there! :smiley: Could be with forex, could also be with your other endeavors. :blush: Good luuuuck!