Newbie wants to trade Forex

Hey Everyone…hope you guys all in good health…my name is caktom, just found this forum last night. I’m completely new to Forex world, never been trading whatsoever. I hope my knowledge will improve along with joining this community. I hope I can build my confidence to start trading Forex in the near future. Look forward to get much information how to doing so. Wish me luck guys…hope I can learn a lot from this

Welcome to the community, Caktom. Start with the BabyPips school. It’s the best place to start. Good luck.

Thank you Zianfx…I will take your suggestion to participate in babypipschool…

HI Caktom. We are both new here. Looking to learn more from here too.

its a most right place that you have chosen already , just keep busy and active in beginners section for a while. happy trading.

Thanks Luke…I’ll keep that in mind… cheers

Hi Algerico888, thanks mate…we both indeed can lean together from this forum… cheers