My name is Michael and I really need to learn how to do this. Ever felt like you’re on a tread mill and you’re just not getting anywhere. I want to do something more with myself and generate money. Any help is well appreciated

Hi Michael! First of all, study in the babypips school. You will have the basic of theory which help you to move on higher level. After that you will have to think about your trading style. Intraday or day trader. Then you will have to find the trading system by any author which you like. The trading system will be your the main instrument in trading. Open demo account and try yourself. Open any charts and do the back test of this system. After tht, if you still think that this trading system is suitable for you - open real money account and try to trade with minimum lots. And day by day improve yourself as a trader. You will need 1-2 years. But also I wrote on this forum, how to become a profitable trader faster, if you are interested, please read here 301 Moved Permanently

I can feel you M! Check out my trading journal, i trade swings mostly. Naked trading. Thats right only underwear on me when i pull the trigger!:slight_smile:

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