Next week's fundamentals (IMO)

Next week I am looking for the EUR to strengthen compared to this week as it was a Net loser. Don’t have high hopes for the euro and the ECB has already hinted on the fact the EUR may be depreciating

These fundamentals too hint on GBP gaining some value, however the sentiment of traders may be negative due to Brexit talks coming to an end with a current no-deal

Here are the USD announcements for Monday, be careful with USD as Trump is still causing a lot of traders to have mixed feelings, I am personally looking for an appreciation

Tuesday see’s the euro have a few large announcements, as this is already public the market will already have moved but on the day expect high volatility with EUR pairs

Wednesday sees loads of USD announcements, this also is public so the USD may have already felt the blow of some of these announcements.

These show a possible decrease in the market sentiment for USD, be wary

The final ones for Wednesday, this also shows a negative outlook for the USD next week

This is the only big release for Thursday, this forecast shows the EUR may further lose value

Friday seems pretty quiet but always be ready to react to shocks mid-week

As a young trader I have a lot to learn, please understand this is my opinion as I’m sure all of you have your opinions. If there is something I got wrong let me know, my current goal is to increase my understand of the fundamentals as technical trading can only get you so far.

I apologise in advance if any of my forecasts were wrong, I do really welcome advice

The coming week is a short one for US traders owing to the Thanksgiving holiday closure on Thursday - many also take the Friday off for a long weekend. Its hard to picture the USD making any significant gains when the US markets are only putting in two-thirds of a week.


I was aware of thanksgiving but I didn’t know they took a longer weekend.

@tommor What’s your opinion on the new UK and Canada post Brexit trade deal?

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I saw the headline to say we had a deal, that’s all I know. I don’t think its important to know more, nor important as an event.

The GBP has been bullish last week (only the NZD was more so). Perhaps the pound’s bullishness is down to the market’s expectations of some sort of post-Brexit trade deal with the EU. Its not a time to be shorting the GBP, its almost inconceivable that there will not be some sort of deal (even if it is later seen as a fudge with several loose ends) and the announcement (or leaked rumour) will be immediately bullish for both currencies, the GBP more than the EUR.

The CAD on the other hand has been weak, even against the USD. Possibly this is due to the global economy’s lower future appetite for oil owing to the pandemic.


If you do a long-term analysis, you have every opportunity to act prudently in any situation.
So I will definitely advise all my colleagues not to forget about the economic calendar and its possibilities.

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In my opinion, a combination of fundamental and technical analysis is the most effective way to ensure you can use your system to its fullest potential

Oh, I wish that every report would correspond to reality and you always knew exactly what you would do. That would be just fine…

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aha wouldn’t that be a dream

Yes, I saw the headlines too. I mostly use a combination of both technical and fundamental indicators to manage my trades and that works for me.

i mostly go on with my own chart analysis. and keep a side eye on economic calendar, if there’s any major change in data.