NFT purchases for $450K by rapper Eminem

It will slowly dawn on people just how broad this NFT stuff will become. When I earned my first blockchain certificate it was downloadable from a server, and the downloaded .pdf had a public key. The key is written on the certificate. The certificate is now an NFT.
One of the reasons I have chosen to go all the way with blockchain education is because the chosen course material will teach me how to set up a decentralised autonomous organisation (a DAO) whose only purpose may end up being a repository for all our family’s important documentation and to know that it is tamper-proof. Passport, driving licence, credit cards, etc, etc, etc. I will most likely use and “unstoppable domain” via which to host these NFTs - that domain itself being an NFT too.

This is when I realized this is not a flash in the pan. It is a reality that is way overdue, and will be a great way to stop people forging documents or land ownership in the third world.

It is the tokenization of the physical and digital world. Public certificates of authenticity and proof of ownership of ANY digital or physical item. NFTs have unimaginable reach and use cases. We’re just scratching the surface.


NFTs, what a great business to be in. We just need more capital!

Square Enix, a major Japanese video game company, released a letter on the first day of the new year which highlighted the company’s plans for expansion. In the letter, Yosuke Matsuda, CEO of Square Enix, revealed that his firm will be focusing on implementing and expanding metaverse, NFT, and block-chain technology so that it can be integrated into future projects. The letter commented on the rising importance and influence of NFTs, metaverses, and blockchain technologies.

Everyone and their mom are jumping on this bandwagon.

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Not a bad move on his part. I think we’re past the point in time where the mere mention of metaverse or blockchain or NFTs will significantly move the hype-o-meter about a company. But it certainly doesn’t hurt!

For now at least. How long will the NFT hype last though? And what happens when the next fad comes along?

Don’t know and don’t care. The purpose of “trading” is to not hang around for a decade to discover that your 5% 10 year bond has been decimated by 9% annual inflation. You are in and out in trading, and you always know your maximum exposure to any particular trade. I treat NFTs as I treat currencies. Don’t hang around holding on to them for too long. Set a profit strategy, get in, get out and “JFDI”



They are here to stay. They are foundational, at least to crypto gaming ecosystems being built now and the art world, as can be seen by the first post. But they will see great adoption beyond gaming and digital art work.

NFT’s will play a part in any industry that requires proof of ownership or authenticity. Endless possibilities. Real estate (real and virutal), royalties, copyright, identity, social community incentivization…

Great read here of some of those possibilities.

The " Digitalization of everything physical"

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With the unfolding of the Metaverse NFTs will have more utility but the hype will die down so don’t get caught holding too long take profit as you go along

If you’re hodling, holding works long term. But wise words. Take profit. There will always be another opportunity.


I put mine on the market the same trading session I buy them. Unless I have not yet documented what my buy/sell plan is for that particular NFT type.

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Another gem from @Mondeoman. I’m working on a checklist for exits.

Sometimes that’s the best advice. JFDI.

@helenperry11 You are right about other stable options but there is no harm in buying some of the NFTs too to see how well they do in the long run.

Unless they sit idle and don’t move in price or even drop in price. Most NFTs just sit there and don’t experience anywhere near the exposure and volume that the more well-known projects get… it’s definitely a gamble.

Oh 100% their definitely a gamble .
For people with time on their hands churning out a few NFTs and putting them up on their IG/social media platforms isn’t a bad way to try and cash in on the craze !

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More unusual is what people do with their monkeys. Owning Bored Ape NFT gives you full commercial rights, and the owners use it creatively. Bored Ape’s owner created a Twitter account for his monkey, where he created a backstory and turned him into Jenkins, a clerk who works at a yacht club. In September, Jenkins contracted with an actual agency. You might think the NFT is stupid and bad for the environment, but don’t expect the Bored Monkeys to disappear anytime soon. That’s why you better get in touch with the NFT Promotion Agency before it’s too late. After all, this is our future. And we should not miss out on it now.

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Hi, you are the first person I have seen on this forum who “gets it” about new evolution of crypto and blockchain opportunities. Welcome

What’s your favourite brand of NFTs aside from bored apes ? Collections i mean and where do you prefer to trade them

I think this was directed at somebody else. For me, it is something like this. I happen to think (but of course my logic is likely to be flawed) that a NFT that has generated a past income, and will likely generate a future income, is worth buying. So I am now buying and selling a controlled number of two types of NFT that I had some experience with before the crypto market went south. I am now offering around the $12 mark for a specific type of NFT that I sold for $390 at the peak. I put in an initial $400 worth to buy four unminted of these NFTs and sold them for just under 4X the minted cost. I currently own 8 for a net investment of about zero, and continue to indulge myself with a budget of $50 per month. Another type I have traded a total of about 120 units and maintain about 50% of those. I was selling these frequently at an average margin of 22%. I monitor these on a weekly basis and also have a “value price” that I buy at and an “opportunistic price” that I am happy to sell for. With a 90% to 95% reduction in price, each buy / sell is only pocket money, but you have to think what will happen if they do a 20X and get back to their pre-crash status. It is a reward / risk ratio that most people would kill for. And finally, if you find something that looks like this, are you likely to tell all and sundry? Muhahahahaha