Nice yet Functional Platform?

Hello all,

Being new to Forex, I feel I am not ready in just one month to head over to the big leagues. I have been using’s Platform and I adore it. I have grown accustomed to it’s ease of use and functionality. Call me superficial, but I like have a colorful and simplistic platform to work with.

Now here is my dilemma. Apparently, they only allow one month use of their software. I believe that isn’t enough to dive into a real account. I have asked them if I was able to get more time; however, they only give two more weeks to use the software, which I feel still isn’t enough.

I have looked for alternatives, but so far all the platforms I have come across really doesn’t offer the simplicity and vibrant atmosphere offers.

Now, I was wondering for suggestions on which one I should try next I am mostly looking for ease of customization, use and function. (As in, offers Technical analysis as well as Fundamental news)

Thank you.

Without making a recommendation by name, I would suggest finding a broker that provides or allows MT4. It is popular and available for no charge. As you progress you will find it to be a versatile tool and you will be able to port your work from broker to broker if necessary. Just my opinion…

Difficult to recommend without getting busted for advertising…

Have a good look around, there’s plenty of free demo accounts to choose from. What I’d really like is a crack at a live account without risking my own cash…

Hmm, so advertising isn’t allowed, not even recommendation is allowed?

talking about the pro’s and con’s of different brokers is okay. so you can name names… just no direct links that we may deem as spam advertising…

I have an account with and I find them to be the most confusing platform I have ever seen. Like top pick said any broker that uses mt4 is a good one. I personally like fxdd or strategybuilderfx (if you want a micro account)

Really? Hmm, to each his own. As I test out different systems, i find them far less vibrant and “grayer” then

But I guess that’s what happens when you start out with such a platform, you get accustomed to all the “fluff”. I was hoping for an easier transition to another platform, but I guess I should start forcing myself to opening up to new things.

I will try out the suggestions and thanks for everything.

starting platform war

What part of this platform is confusing… ?

i believe there is no problem with recommendation.we are here to help each other and the platform you like might not like the others.

just to give you and advice you can open demo with many brokers with different platforms and just try them they are free.on the other hand not only platform is important but the broker or the options they�re offer for your trading style:

have a good one

I use OandaFX’s demo trading platform as it has unlimited time. It is not as robust as some others but since I’m just learning the ropes I find their FX Game very easy to use and it works exactly the same when you go live with them. They have a Chat area where you can ask questions and at least during normal user hours - morning until early evening - it appears to be live.

MT4 is a good platform considering its foc

I use the platform, I think it is good

I use the GFT platform also and i think it must be one of the best considering what you can do with it.
It does everything yet it is very user friendly which is important.
Furthermore it does not interfere with other programs you may be running.

Regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.