NVP - Forex correlation and strengthmeter scalper - happy to be here!

hey all

I thought I would renew my acquaintance with this excellent forum …i’m mainly at T2win but like to see what else is going on in other forums more Forex based

been trading since the 1980’s …specialised Forex since early 2000’s …I scalp using currency strengthmeters and other bespoke algo systems developed over the last 16 years

always happy to share and talk forex …:cool:

NVP (Neil)

So you were around at the time when the T2W chatroom was in full flow with the likes of Buk (Mark P), newtron bomb (Phil) & options (John) were holding court?

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thanks - I’m kinda happy with where I am re forex scalping but always happy to learn more :cool:


I joined in 2004…so remember the bomb especially …started publishing my work on forex strengthmeters a little later on after that …still help a lot of people out there if I can with advice on scalping and forex


G’day bro and welcome back to the community

Don’t worry about this guy. He trolls the newbie section looking to lure unsuspecting noobs into his not so free mentoring program. To be honest his work is all recycled garbage.

ok thanks - I’ve been around the block over the years so dont tend to get too fussed about such approaches these days …thanks for heads up anyway :slight_smile: