OANDA acting shady?


I just found something weird with OANDA.

As I was looking for their advertised Currency heat map, I found that it was impossible to access, so I started a live chat with them.

The person then told me that OANDA has deleted pretty much every insight tool that they took the time to develop. And that that there are gonna be new one after 6 months or so…

Now WHY would OANDA delete every tool that costed a lot of money to develop? I just find that extremely shady in addition to the “BuSinEsS ReAsOnS” that the chat person told me.

Wondering what are you guys opinion on this?

This is a screenshot of the deleted content that is still advertised

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I would say most likely it is a licencing or partnership issue. I would say that a 3rd party developed these tools and OANDA either bought the rights to use them or paid an ongoing fee. Often one party feels they are bringing more to the table and either demand more money/want to pay less. I would say something has gone bad and they couldn’t meet in the middle so OANDA is now trying to develop their own or find someone with tools they can use.

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Makes sense, thank you.

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