Oanda deposit reality

One would assume that if you sent a deposit in the form of a cashiers check that it would be credited to your account within a day of being processed by their bank. Not so. My cashiers check(Bank of America) was processed by their bank 4 business days ago and still has not been credited to my account. So I logged into their live chat and was told, in brief, that my check still has not cleared and that ALL checks can be held, not just personal. They said that is Oanda’s policy. Unfortunately they don’t state that on their web site. This is what I found regarding their check policy.

’ � Processing Time: Checks will take up to two business days to be processed upon receipt at our processing center. OANDA will send you notification via email when your check is processed. Please note that personal checks may take an additional five business days to clear, as they must clear both the client’s side and OANDA’s. Personal checks being held for clearing will not earn interest.’

I have never heard of cashiers checks being held and if that is the policy why isn’t it stated up front?