Oanda practice account

I signed up for a free practice account on Oanda, but there charts look kind of funny. Hard to read, looks a little distorted and I can’t find any candlestick charts. Is there a better platform or whatever they call it to practice with from a different broker, any suggestions!

These days all prominent brokers are offering practice or demo account to newbie including Oanda as well. If you are not satisfied with Oanda then can move to others such as forex practice account from AVAFX (it is one of the leading brokers in 2011), fxcm etc. Even I want to suggest that first check what you want in practice account.

I use MT4 for charting, but Oanda for actual trading, you can’t beat it for trade execution.

I guess the most known platform would be metatrader, I trade with hotforex, and they use metatrader4, you can try their practice/demo account if you want to. :slight_smile: its for practice anyway :slight_smile: best of luck and happy new year :slight_smile:

p.s. I like the idea of purplepatchforex, there are a lot of people that do the same thing if Im not mistaken :slight_smile:

The Oanda Java platform chart is a bit funky and difficult to use for charting. Get an Oanda account with MetaTrader4 and use MT4 for charting and execute trades from the Java like PurplePatchForex does. Oanda allows you to open subaccounts so open a subaccount and select that you want MT4 and download that. You need to select MT4 at the time you open the (sub)account, it can’t be added later. I have several subaccounts and use them for trying different things. One thing I’ve found though, is that I often get interupts in the data on the MT4 side but not on the Java. Sometimes just seconds or a minute, other times up to 45 minutes(!). Contacted Oanda about it and they said it is a problem only on the demo accounts not live. Again I don’t trade via MT4 but it makes the charts a bit inaccurate.

You have to do some setups with the Java charts. I would start by setting the chart to candlestick. I use MT4 for my charting, but once you get the java charts setup correctly, it is usable.

There is a Oanda Metatrader account automatically created when you first register.

You can download the software from the website.