Off Shores Trading Account

I’m a us citizen and bound by the FIFO rules. Does anyone know how I can legally trade from an off shores account that is not bound by FIFO or the 50:1 leverage? Is dual citizen ship worth looking into?

I believe the only way you can form the offshore TA is create a LLC in different country! (malta, cyrus, Bahamas, you name it. Then apply the FX account with Non-U.S FX brokers. You may want to see your CPA to discuss this matter before these steps. It will save you lots of time and effort. Best of luck!
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Thank you, refresh me on your acronym CPA?

Anyone else, any thoughts?

Certitied Public Accountant!

Great, thanks.

Any other thoughts?

Did you ever get a resolution to this?

There are a few offshore brokers you could use if you went the bitcoin route .

Are offshore account brokers reliable to trade for beginners? Can someone share your trading experience with an offshore account broker?

Never used them myself, but they’ve been around, and do work for individuals and companies alike,

Robert Green’s been around the block. Does seminars on taxes related to trading.