Online trading today

Assuming there is no more access to the Internet, how would all the retail traders gain access to forex and continue trading?

You can place orders over the phone with your broker but if you have no internet then you can’t get a price feed and therefore no charts are available for analysis. So, unless you can dial in via a modem and access your brokers price feed that way, essentially, you can’t trade.

Are we talking about an apocalypse here? :scream:

I once did a bit of trading without charts but I wouldn’t recommend it. This was buying stocks that were rising long-term on the day their results were released. I noted their closing price the day before and then phoned the broker after about 15-30 minutes of trading the next morning. If price was up I bought and then re-checked the price every half hour or so. The exit signal would be if price fell below the prior day’s close. I closed at around lunch-time. At least two times I recall the share price made +15-20% by midday.

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You can call your broker by the phone. And if electricity goes out permanently I think we’d all have bigger problems than not being able to trade.

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Yep, sort of end of the world scenario or something like that, old fashioned way really via phone or similar way. How else we can go with everything else. I do not really recommend that way to be there. I do not really see that all happening. Better not to think about it.

Assuming there are still working phonelines in such a scenario.

yes , its the real solution if electricity goes, appreciate

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I have, personally, had to call my broker on the phone during power outages. It was one of the things that taught me to both always use a stop loss and be with a broker that has custom support through phone calls and not just online chat.