Opinions Please

Hi Everyone

I found this website 3100% on FOREX : AUTOMATED TRADE SYSTEMS for MetaTrader4. FREE Demo! | MAIN. It has 5 or 6 automated trading systems that work in MT4. You can download the demos and do the back testing in any currency and any time frame.

I have done some testing and I like what I have seen. But I do have one concern that there isn’t any contact information. The programs are fairly inexpensive and I just wanted to get some feedback from the members about what they think of the system.

Since I don’t have a lot of time to sit in front of my computer and wait for a trade to set up, and even when I have gotten the setup it seems never go in the direction I thought it would. And I would love to find a system that can autotrade for me (that isn’t expensive) and start getting some profit.

So if I could get some feed back about the system itself that would be great!


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You would be well advised to remember the poker axiom: ‘If when you look around the table you can’t spot the sucker, then the sucker is you.’

3100% in one year is completely pie-in-the-sky dreaming.

Don’t be the sucker.

Thanks Colin & Shandy

I want to thank you for the advice.

If anybody else has some info on this i would still like to know about it.


Hello Gakgary,

I thought I’d warn you about those guys. I’ve read a ton about them on tsd. Apparently their systems are just copies of free EAs. They just changed the name. They offer zero contact information or support. Kinda sounds like a scam to me. Don’t give them your money! You can read more about them here:
EuroX2.ex4 any comments? - Forex Trading

Or you can get the full version of their “Eurox2” for FREE here:
FxS Forex - Scripts - Home

I must say though, I did back testing on this EA it gives you extremely good profit. But in order to test the integrity of any EA you need forward testing. I think this EuroX2 has some potential. . .

I’d say that no contact details sounds fishy, so don’t be mislead by great results on the tests you’ve been running. I have not heard of the company you’ve mentioned, but can only recommend you the platfom I’ve been trading with’ you can sigh up for their demoaccount to probe the system.

good luck!