Optimism everywhere

Define theorist? And so many like me? No, you have not come across anyone like me, or else you wouldn’t be so phased.

Good luck with your new marketing campaign. You will need it.

You of all people should know that it’s what I do. :wink:

Everything I write on my blogs is my own work. I blog on a number of sites.

Of course I want to attract traffic to my site that is my purpose.

Clark, I already said I do not want to carry on any further dialogue with you.

As has been said already everyone can make their choice and their mind up.

Yeah… you’ve clearly not met anyone like me.

Rather than getting personal, let’s hear some arguments. Until you either acknowledge you are not as familiar as you would like to be or you actually have a valid reason for your earlier statements then I am not letting it go.

Also, you’ve ignored every rebuttal I’ve made and proceeded to fill your posts with ad hominem fallacies. Not very good public image there bud.

Heads up, if your excuse is the mathematics or “technicals” are too advanced, try me. With that in mind, if your excuse is that I have no real market experience, my clients beg to differ.

But YOU on the other hand have not expressed any theoretical OR practical experience.

I think Clark has, and I have a sneaking suspicion that he won’t be opening a trading account with Sarrafx.

That’s fair enough.

So you have joined a discussion group but don’t like discussion?

C’mon, what is wrong with people???

Nice talking to you Mr. Alan M. Hill. :slight_smile: (Just in case you’re only banned and not IP blocked)

I missed out on the party. :frowning:

Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much :slight_smile:

It wasn’t a life changing experience, not like some of the parties I went to in my younger days!