Order entry

how do i execute multiple orders in one shot,

depends if of your broker. some have this option other haven’t. There are different ways of executing orders simultaneously. If you want to execute different orders in the same pair, you can put one larger order t a definite price ( 1000units +1000 = 2000 --that is high math;P)
If you want to execute orders at different prices you should place LIMIT orders at different price levels ( 2.100, 2.1010, 2.1020 , etc. GBP/USD).
If you want to place different orders in different pairs or accounts, some platforms offer a Management accounts option that allows you to trade the same order on different accounts.
If you are searching for “LOGICAL ORDERS” or “IF” orders, you should be good at programming MT4, or ue a broker that allows theese kind of orders.
Hope it helps,
GL m8

All platforms that I am aware of have good online help facilities and if your question isnt answered their ring their help desk. What you want to do is relatively easy to do but as disaster says differs between each broker.