Order initialized without candle or price touching it... wtf

This has been happening every day without my knowledge. Pending orders is being activated without price touching it (see screenshot). Is this the work of untrustworthy broker or what? My spreads were normal before I started this pending order and I came back to my pc and found out it had been started I mean wtf.
Is this normal?p89p9ip98

Most charts are an “average” of bids and asks. If your charts have the ability to switch to “bid” or "ask"
it’ll probably show your entry being hit. Sadly. Think it’s happened to most(all?) of us.

Your not showing enough info to make any informed response. Eg. The time & Price pending order was at the time & price it took it at are they buys or sells looks like the top green line was taken legit ? What’s with the arrow.? Maybe you should video your trades and show the ask line on there too !

There is no way I can get a clean answer. Next time I will be careful and use alerts instead.

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A1 is right not enough data but from your depiction I would venture a guess that your were wicked in.

You seem to have traded between Dec 27 and 28. I would look at your broker spreads, I suspect they widened at some point and your order got hit.

You should see the spreads on my broker just before the market closed on Dec 24.

Always be careful trading during times that spreads might widen, usually around market open/market close, or holidays, or major news.

But then again maybe it could just be your broker spiking spreads every now and then. Check if your broker is regulated and where. If it’s just in Cyprus, or unregulated, I’d look for another broker.

I know that spreads could be high on these days. But funny thing is that I’ve check it before I place orders. This happens within hours, they cannot do that. I’ve email them and they said its the spreads and I said bs they can’t raise them instantly and put them back within hours and worse without telling. My theory is that if it might be human error on their side pressing the on/off button quickly or if they have a piece of trash server. I don’t know but lesson learn and this time I will watch or use alerts.