Origins Of Where We Drive

So the historical re-creation societies are all lieing and your “Fabrication is correct” - But then I did forget that you just ignore all factual evidence which you don’t like and attack the source - like in your ridiculous "Caveman post " !

The perfect trader would be a Chinese lefty woman.

Woman = MUCH BETTER TRADERS THAN MEN, everyone knows that by now…


No. I say some geeks on youtube replaying fancy horse/knight fights might not know much about history. Why? Cause their purpose is the show and not to educate, so sidefacts like that all history shows regarding horse spear fights should be played on the left side- just dont matter.


You may ask now: youtube is not a 100% secure source of facts?

Yes my friend. Youtube is as much a source of facts as a 3 years old who just managed to learn to speak.

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Some times factual evidence goes a bit beyond photos and videos. Nothing like diving into actual historical sources to find that “factual” evidence.

Be my guest - show me the knights "Driving on the left " ! As contended by your buddy.

Check youtube. Oh no, better check hollywood movies.

But watchout ill tell you a secret, if you see some guy flying around wearing a cape… psht dont tell anyone that i told you- but superman isnt real.

Here buddy, original painting out of the 13th centuty.

Spears in the right hands, horses on the left. I circled where you have to look at.

Too bad they had no youtube 700 years ago. Then you maybe would believe it after i posted you 3 evidences so far.

But hey, you are famous for beeing notoriously ignoring real facts and rely on youtube only.

Original painting

Original painting

And here again

You said

It seems to me that yet again your failure to grasp the English Language is leading you to false understanding - Horses “passing on the left” is eactly the opposite of “Driving on the left” - Just like when you got stroppy with @tommor when he said “I stand corrected”.

I asked you

I don’t think you understand the question !

Driving on the left means driving on the left side of the street. If it means something else for you then your communication is off.

Will certainly look for it.

Will let you know if I manage to find something.

No that’s what it means ok - so why do you think your original post

equates to that situation, when it clearly does not ?

[Apologies to @Manxx for the involvement of my self appointed persecutor here, spoiling your interesting and light hearted thread]

Driving on the left = cars passing eachothers on the left

Horses passing eachothers on the left = riding on the left

Not so - Driving om the left = cars passing each other with drivers closest to each other - ie on the right !

The right of my car is nearest to th eright side of your car - ! so we pass on the right

Dude what does that have to do with the explanation of why in some countries cars drive on the left side?

Men, pipzilla is bussy today

I owe you a pizza and a beer @Pipzilla

Yeah i get where your confusion comes from.

Here ill paint you a picture of what i mean

Driving on the left you pass on the left. From your perspective you are on the left of the other car/horse rider.

From the other cars/horseriders perspective he is left of you.

Did we clarify this misunderstanding now?

Idon’t think any of this is relevant.

One of very rare times i agree with you.

Edit: very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very

Spot on Mr DE. That’s also why we shake hands using our right hand, as it meant we had to transfer any weapon to our weaker left hand to do so


Seecret leftie…

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